"being in love with my people


not mean i hate others.

how rediculous is that."

— self, by Nayyirah Waheed

Veuxdo Child is an expression of love by and for people of color. It is a blog both personal and dear as it is necessary. Our voices and histories will not be recorded in proper unless we do it ourselves.  Here I share my experiences and those of my friends and community. Veuxdo Child is a collection of our own personal histories.



I need help making a film/video. Can I hire VCF?

Yes indeed! VCF is made up of a network of POC freelancers; all ultra talented and hire-able :D

Here's a list of services we have to offer:

  • graphic design
  • directing
  • producing
  • film editing
  • videography (production and event documentation)
  • photography (digital and 35mm film)
  • motion graphics
  • digital illustration
  • project management

Shoot us an email at veuxdochild@gmail.com with what you're looking for, your project brief, and we'll get you set up nice.


  • Thought you'd never ask. Our namesake comes from one of the greatest songs of all time, imo. Consider this the slight-er return. When Jimi said, "Well, I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand— cause I'm a veuxdo chiiiiiile..." we believe that he did, as we do, MEAN IT. Literally.

  • Veuxdo started in 2008 out of a need to ask questions that we felt weren't being asked in the media. While keeping up to date on the latest shows and releases and collabos and whatnot are an integral part of the cycle of creation, we had felt that that's been done. Yall got that covered, and we thank you for that. We wanted to talk to artists about their lives, their views on culture, politiks, love, we wanted to have real conversations about what matters, the root of our collective experience. It started out of a need to get at what's real.

  • We create films and wearable art to document and reflect POC creation, exploration, and voice. We are a platform and production house making films, features, music videos, cyphers, experimental videos, you name it. All in the name of raising the visibility of conversations not represented in media. VCF exclusively represents POC.

  • As a means of holding space to focus and celebrate POC experience exclusively; interrupting the dominant paradigm of white-centric media in which poc representation of the lived experiences of POC are often homogenized, tokenized, invalidated, or ignored entirely, perpetuating a system of misrepresentation, marginalization, and the dangerous celebration of monoculture.

    Basically: we ain't hatin, we celebratin.

    We recognize the beauty and necessity of diversity; again, we are not for monoculture, this is not an exclusionary space.

    While we will not do hella much and say that non-poc are not allowed representation in any of VCF's created and curated content, we will reiterate that the focus and intention of veuxdo child films is to feature and celebrate the narratives of people of color first and foremost. This is not a place of hatred for others but rather one for respect and appreciation of self.

  • YES! Shoot us an email to veuxdochild@gmail.com or click here to submit your vlogs, poetry, rants, doodles, artwork, love songs to the world, films, skits, and all things video to be featured on our website or blog! Just make sure to include a little bit about yourself, along and any contact info so that we can give you credit!

  • We are filmmakers, educators, creatives, changemakers, visionaries, unapologetic storytellers, bloggers, mothers, brothers, griots— we are original peoples, and our lives matter.



I'm with it. How can I help?

We are glad you asked! Since we do a lot of our films out of the kindness (insatiable need to build and create with dope folx) of our heart, and because we believe in the goodness of a barter economy more than that of the monetary system, we can always appreciate an extra helping hand! Here are some ideas, depending on what you love to do most:

  • I...like......things??!!: Cop some official VCF GOODIES! All proceeds go towards feeding the starving & surviving artists behind the making of these films. Films take tlc, and filmmakers need love too! :)
  • I have facebook...?: Start a convo! Post one of our videos along with your thoughts!
  • Talker, connecter, promoter: tell folx about us!
  • Blogger, Writer, Website-er: Do a review or a write up on your favorite video, submit your work to be featured on our blog, regularly feature your blog on our blog, or start something new and join our crew of bloggers!
  • Photographer: document our next event! shoot us an email at veuxdochild@gmail.com to join the crew or volunteer at the next screening!
  • Instagrammer: you know what to do. #veuxdochildfilms #thediscource #vibrationrising #pocfilmlyfe *nods*
  • Shopowner, Business owner: Email veuxdochild@gmail.com so we can talk about vending our goods, or hosting a screening of some of our films!
  • Performer, Emcee, Organizer, Speaker: rock some Veuxdo goods, take a selfie, and give us a shout out on instagram @veuxdochild!
  • Organiser, Activist, Creator, Thinker, Educator, Speaker: We're always looking for new content to curate! We can build on ideas, interview questions, share resources.
  • Filmmaker: SUBMIT YOUR FILMS!
  • Film Editor: We are always looking for folx to help edit films. hit up veuxdochild@gmail.com to see what projects we have on the cutting board!
  • Volunteering: Volunteer at our next event! We are appreciative of helpers, hypefolx, photographers, videographers, emcees, hosts, clean up crew; you name it!
  • Donating: We know it's a stretch, but here's some things we are currently in need of: projector, canon mount lenses, steadicam, monopod, cf flash cards, shotgun mic, laptops, external harddrives, canon mount speedlight flash, softbox, lights, reflectors. Also, every penny counts. Next time you have some extra change, consider sending a little love our way via paypal to veuxdochild@gmail.com :)

We hope that clarifies some things. :)