Omiiroo | Oakland | May 2012

Black Futurists Speak was a multi-media spoken word event held Omiiroo in Oakland, CA, May 2012.

More on the event from the Host, D. Scot Miller (

“A literary riff on the future of the future.
Those that bend the WORD…
over those who reflect SIGHT…
Over mixed mediums of SOUND…”

Readings by:
—Eric K. Arnold:
—Kwan Booth
—Ayize Jama-Everett:
—Davu Flint:
—Shy Pacheco Hamilton:
—Malcolm Shabazz Hoover:
—Hella$ Quartet
—Shawn Taylor:
—Veuxdo Child:
—Richard M. Wright:

Freestyle live painting by Black Diamond Shining and guests.

And the launch of the ASTRO BLACK zine

Black Futurism
Boom……… For Real

…..Needless to say, we got down, and vibrated higher.

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