#BuildingWith: Channing Sabir


REPPIN: Milwaukee WI
IG: @cusabir

What is the last book you read?
Transworld june 2015. So good. And Al Davis had a “last Words.”

If you were told you had 10 min to pack 1 backback and move to California, what would be in it? You have room for 10 items, GO!!
Computer. Slr. Pointnshoot. Polaroid. 2 underwearz. 3 shirts. All in my camera bag with the countless things I always keep in there. It works 😉
What is your favorite poem?
My favorite poem was by a man at Art is for Lovers Gallery. I don’t remember the poem but I remember the feeling it gave me.

What does art mean to you in connection with skateboarding?
They are one in the same <3
If you had the power to have your favorite photographer/artist interview your favorite skater who would the 2 be?
I wouldn’t interview, but I’d shoot and skate with @KennyHoopla

Do you have any words you live by?
“Use the lantern”


#BuildingWith is a series of interviews where we politik with artists of color around the country and document their unique and nuanced experiences and perspectives on life, love, and creation.