Meet Christian Eddings: Oakland native, lover, and barber extraordinaire.

Known around the town for her bars as a barber—and equally (arguably) for her exceptional hugs—Christian is definitely the go-to for many of our kings, queens, and in-betweens. This is by no mistake, because as owner of Cultured Members of Society, one of Christian’s main focuses is to create a safe space and welcoming barber shop experience for folx in the queer community, because of her negative experiences in shops, primarily with male barbers who have turned her away, or refused to cut her in the way that she wanted.

“One of the really important things to me is serving people in the queer community, and that’s not to exclude anyone else,” says Christian, “…but that is to make people in the queer community feel safe and comfortable while they’re getting their hair cut… I don’t want to draw this barrier, this line between a client and a friend. It’s like nah, I’m BUILDING with you.”

Currently, Christian is doing pop-ups around Oakland, and also offers in-home cutting services “to give clients a unique and individual experience, by keeping them in their comfort zone.”

Spaces serving folx who live outside the gender binary are defffffinitely needed across all boards, and I am stoked to see Christian bringin on the beauty & making ish happen!

Be sure to peep the video; where I build with Christian on some of her philosophies and hair-cutting magic 😉

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