#BuildingWith: Pablo Eduardo Paredes Burgos


REPPIN: Born in the Bronx, New York Boriqua and Ecuadorian AKA Equarican to the Heart
THE WORK: www.67sueños.org

Name 3 things you can’t leave the house with.

  • anger
  • empty stomach
  • morning breath

What are you passionate about?

  • working with youth of color.
  • my bebes
  • murals and spoken word
  • dancing

What inspires your art?

real stories of lucha, struggle pushback, dignity in the face of the isms and hardships

What is one of your most memorable moments as a creator?

My first portrait of a youth on a public mural and having the youth be proud of how he was captured. (it ended up on  book cover so now i’m hella juiced)

When did you start writing?

Use to love to be with the hip hop heads in our lil wanna be syphers in high school, then started to write full poems in high school and discovered I was more poet than MC.  I felt more freedom in it.  Not stuck to a beat, or the conventions that mainstream hip hop tightly narrowed me and my friends in the stairwell into when we would cypher insted of go to class. I could say things that mattered and weren’t just about me. I could tap into the stories and emotions around me and make others feel deeply.  I liked that connection.

Do you have any words you live by, or words that remind you of your power? How were you introduced to them, and why or how do they resonate with you?

Pac’s rose in the Concrete Piece is some what of a world view manifesto to me.
Also I feel the quote, “it’s not about the Stand you choose to take, but the place you choose to stand”
Che’s “… the true revolutionary is guided by deep feelings of love”
I don’t know if i got this from anyone but I think it all has to start with acknowledging our privileges no matter where we are on that spectrum, we have some and it’s easy to check others but hard to look inward, but that’s what will allow us to grow become change agents.

Who is your role model or personal super hero and why?

My mom, first and foremost.  Without her none of the seeds that watered into anything worth mentioning about me would exist.  She is the first Activist even though she never held the tittle, the first truth teller, first hustler, first, boss, first true love and everything else that matters in my life.

What is something you would want to give to the next generation?

Power, but you can’t give it.  They just need to realize they can take it!  I hope to help shine a light on that truth.

If you could break bread with anyone regardless of time or space, who would it be, and what would you eat?

It would have to be Ana Caona, or Atabey.  Taino leaders who faced the colonizers.  teh Puerto Rican and Taino in me longs so much to know that strand of my Herstory, but the history books wiped it out.  So i’d give anything to break bread with my ancestors who’s legacy was somewhat stolen from us.  I’d love to eat casava bread and whatever nourished them and learn a little about myself in knowing some of my ancestors a little better.


#BuildingWith is a series of interviews where we politik with artists of color around the country and document their unique and nuanced experiences and perspectives on life, love, and creation.