Its always a blessing to share space with community. This past #FirstFriday was the official release of the #ChrakraChild longsleeve, (the first VCF wearable art of the new year!), and I got to vend and share space at Owl’N’Wood with a dear friend, Christian Eddings, who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing grow into The Town’s most sought-after barber for masculine of center folx. If you haven’t watched yet, check out the Building With minidoc I did featuring Christian & what drives her to cut!)


Yesterday, she was not only was booked up solid from 10am-9pm, but she was supporting VCF by rockin the #ChakraChild new release the whole time! If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. Lala & Christian rockin the #ChakraChild

There seems to be a lot of folx shedding their old selves and letting go of things that don’t serve them. Several of my friends have recently cut their hair (one of them has had their locs for their whole life and had never been bald since they were a baby), all for different reasons, but in a lot of cases it’s been to release old energy and start a new. It was pretty cool to see this person choose Christian to do the honors of cutting it all off. It was like watching a butterfly get set free.
Christian cutting

Also in the building was Homme School, another dope individual and friend of Christian’s that I got to chop it up with.


As always, I like to put together some sort of interactive activities when I set up shop. This time, I decided to go with the *write-a-note, take-a-note* jar from the Luggage Store screening of The Discourse. Because I was launching the #ChakraChild, and as a light introduction to chakras and energy, I asked folx to write down things they do to get themselves grounded or balanced. By writing one and taking one, we both reminded ourselves to stay grounded, and shared tips with friends old and new on how to get our balance 🙂

Sasha writing a note note writing shared note

All in all, it was a great First Friday vending, surrounded by beautiful folx and beautiful vibes. A big thanks to everyone who came out to vibe, and especially everyone who supported by copping a tee!


Much love!


If you missed it, don’t fret! You can always cop here in the VCF Goods Shop, or at the freshly launched #ShopMAATER, a new concept shop by the queens at Malidoma Collective 🙂

I’ll be there Thursdays & Fridays workin on creating and vending Veuxdo Goods, so make sure you pop in to say whats up & check everything out!