So, here I am.  An artist, freshly settled in a new land, in a new hood, and after a bit of struggle & sol searching & meeting & growing, I’ve got a few friends who I’m thankful for. Now, I’m at this point where I’m meeting not only friends, but new people to build with creatively. I have to say, it’s dope.

Some of those people are my neighbors. I’m currently living in this artist loft community, and it’s First Friday (yup, we got one one out here too) and every FF we open up our doors to the public to hold space for art. Last month, I did open, and was blessed to sell a few paintings & the last of the Veuxdo tees (yee!). This month I had been hosting a homie from NYC & had mad client projects to work on, and decided to keep it chill & see what everyone else had going on (I had yet to see most of my neighbors spaces). So I wander over to my new homies Jenmay & Kat‘s show called Rooted, which explores the ways in which we root ourselves. And I’m like dooope, I like being rooted. I’m working on rooting myself.

Anyways, as it’s a gallery showing, there’s art, people are engaging, and liquor is flowing, conversation ensues, and Jenmay puts me on the spot, asking me to perform this spoken word poem I had shared with her the other day. (I’m planning a short film for its official release, so sit tight!). I’m shy af. But I do it. Every time I share it, it gets easier; as the poem is becoming not only second nature to my lips, but to my personal story. It is a personal story. It’s a poem about love. Which is personal. It’s a thing.

So I do it. People cheer. I’m not just sayin that to brag; I’m actually floored every time people do this. Mind you, I actually slammed with this poem at Kealoha’s open mic, and afterwards this woman came up to me and gave me a hug, thanking me for the poem. I was just.. so incredibly amazed at the gesture & genuinely honored that it had touched her. But I guess love is just one of those things that’s universal. The one thing that moves people to act types of ways. I told her; I’m sharing it so I can get it out. I’m being vulnerable because it scares me. And I know that by doing so, I’m conquering my fears. Ayyye. lol.

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I remember reading something by Paulo Coehlo, where he says that every time he shares his story, he rids himself of it, and feels lighter for it. He’s set it free. That’s how I feel. Free.

After the poem, we start talking about love…. and then this happened:

An impromptu discussion on love & vulnerability with community old & new.

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Photo from Vina

First Friday, June 4, 2016
Honolulu Chinatown Artist Lofts

Hosted by: Jenmay & Lala


from Kat
Photo from Kat

Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Hey Love
Norvis Junior – do kNo that…
SPZRKT & Sango – How Do You Love Me
Vegan – All Bout Us
Queens D.Light – Poem of Love Lost
Grimm Doza – Chuch (ft [KSG])
Baeside – Run My Fade
Willow Smith – 8
Chelsea Reject – Viiibes ft Dyemond Lewis of Pro Era (Prod by Dougy)
Jungle Pussy – Feelin’ Myself
Princess Nokia – Tomboy
Le1f – Wut
NTU – Giant
Jill Scott – Prepared(K Civ mix)
Sa-Roc – Goddess Lament
JJAAHZ – Level Up
Luminary Lo – Fly
Seti X – Puzzled Peaces




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