There is no shortage of fly community events in the town, and this summer’s been especially poppin. This past weekend was no exception. Photographer and visual artist Vanessa Vigil curated her debut art show and benefit titled Not Ur Baby with the fam at Oakland Terminal, featuring a lineup of 15+ all womyn artists, including the local homies Sakiko Hill, Moxie, and Olivia Krause.

“I know for every artist in the show, the title had its own meaning,” said Vanessa, when I asked her about the philosophy behind the name. “Considering it was an all women’s show, I wanted to think of a name that hinted that at that. ‘Not Ur Baby’ can be interpreted in many different ways, that’s one thing I really enjoy about the title. All these women participating are fucking killing it. They are not owned by someone or something. They are not to be tamed or to be fit into some fucked up social standard. They are not your baby and they are not to be fucked with. Same goes for the show as a whole.” The show was put together to raise awareness of human trafficking and to benefit MISSSEY, an Oakland-based survivor-informed organization that is confronting human trafficking by supporting and advocating for youth who have been commercially sexually exploited.

Vigil added, “Our youth is the easiest target for this industry and these kids are not your kits to take. Mothers are screaming loud all over the world, that is not your baby. Not your baby to be sold. Not your baby to be used. Not your baby to be taken.”


The evening cracked. At one point, someone turned to me and said: “Dude.. everyone here is so beautiful.” I think I told them that its because beautiful causes attracted beautiful people.

“The event went beyond every expectation I had. Not only did people come through and show love, they came and spent money. They bought pieces. They donated. We were able to raise over $400 to donate to MISSSEY.” Vanessa spoke on the massive love and vibes felt that night: “The whole night I just kept saying, ‘I feel like its my birthday.'” It lightweight was. It was the first show conceptualized and curated by Vigil, and the space was full and minds were active.


There was fine art and photography on the wall, crystals and clothes for sale, live nail art, temporary tattoos, and cakepops galore.

_MG_0167cc _MG_0198cc _MG_0171cc_MG_0200cc One of my fav pieces was a touching installation with an open letter written from mother Amanda Tyler to her seedling, complete with giant fluffy teddy bear offering free hugs to those left with the feels and need for a mothers embrace after reading.

_MG_0230cc…That, and this print of broke dicks by Sasha Zirulnik:



And whats an Oakland art event without an interactive wall? Guests were encouraged to reflect and fill in the blank:_MG_0173cc

And of course, Namaste Shawty had the dancefloor lit.

_MG_0223cc _MG_0225cc

_MG_0246cc _MG_0232cc

My other personal favorite moment was accidentally having matching outfits with Kiko and breaking out into a boi band-esque choreographed dance.


…So what’s next?

Vanessa says she’s “just trying to get my life bavk to normal after a month of running around like a panicked headless chicken. But there will fasho — emphasis on fasho — be a NOT UR BABY PT.II

But you ain’t hear it from me. JK, you hella did.