A couple of weeks ago we went to an art show titled “Black Mail” and got to talk to some of the artists showing their work.

Through illustration, painting, photography, and design, these artists demonstrate the beauty of creativity, and in doing so, choose to outshine the negative images that are constantly being placed on black males throughout the United States.



(photo cred Selena Davan)






We first met up with Juunbug who’s work to me was hella dope. We took him away from the crowd for a moment and got a chance to ask him about the show.
VC: What was your intentions being a part of Blackmail?

JB: I wanted to put a lot of my concepts about reality out there and kinda superimpose them on objects. For example, I have a piece with a fighter with a plant grows on top of its head. That’s to symbolize the struggle of a plant when it grows, that has to fight the elements to be able to bloom later…  You superimpose it on a human, a person of color that has to go through all these struggles to finally become something beautiful in society— but they’ve been beauty all along. Its just the way society is set up. But they still have to fight through and persevere and bloom. I like that the show was able to give us that platform to speak.

You can check out his work with the rest of the Black Mail artist tonight6 to 9pm 457 Haight St. SF