An exploratory look into the thoughts and lives of today’s youth. Centered in the Bay Area, the film tackles broad questions about society, oppression, consciousness, and growth.
~Wine & Bowties


The most inspiring thing about this film is the curiosity, intellect, eloquence, and self-respect of the young adults featured in it. Genuinely searching for empowerment through consciousness and love, and presenting it in a personable artsy way…

Casual conversation with truth-seeking multidisciplinary young creatives, captured and woven into a discussion about trans-generational knowledge, consciousness, and love, as well as how to navigate within a world where a rat-race mentality prevails.

This experimental mixtape-documentary is the fruition of the journey of the Veuxdo Child as they find themselves on a path sprinkled with evidence of the mind of the Creator, and a collective consciousness.

Filmed by the Veuxdo Child around the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area and New York City; the performances, footage, and conversations were shot sporadically during 2008 through 2013. Interviewees include Queens D. Light, Duckwrth, Auk Power, Revers, Kool Kid Kreyola, Zumbi, Amp Live, Amo, Josh Farria, Simone Davis, and Demi Arianna. Photography by Sasha Kelley, Josh Farria, and Christine Ting. Animation and spoken word by Openi.

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