Veuxdo Child did some snipin at this year’s Mating Dance, an annual Valentine’s Day loverfest thrown by the homieloverfriends at Malidoma Collective. The magic started at the door, when lovers & lovers to be were given ribbons to symbolize their intentions for the evening (this is the bay, we have transparent and intentional interactions, because mindfulness): white for “Ice Cold Like Three Stacks” (…taken), pink for “single,” and red for “ready.” SEE ABOVE.

Once inside, Bae Arean lovas got down with all the activities, including writing love notes to their ideal bae, responding to love notes (because the universe said it was about time yall met), drawing pictures of their bae on Oakland Terminal‘s infamous chalk wall, speed frating at the Meet-A-Homie station, hecka cute prom polariods at Ma’Booth picture station, or sangin and dancin from the bottom of their fonky souls to the auditory vibrations of Rayana J , Spencer Stevens, and the Mermaid Marauders.

meet a homie walls
Needless to say, everyone came through lookin cute, like, shoooooot. *rolls neck like a majestic queer funkateer, saunters back to my cadillac, and low rides with bae off into the sunset*

Catch some captures of #thefonk:

face ard yee smiles rayana feelin it yeee smize emotions

#fonk #practicelove #theMatingDance

photos by Openi