An excessive exposure to trauma is quite effective in the desensitization of conscious thought. An individual can become conditioned to grow accustomed to and suppress the severity of traumatic experiences when repeatedly exposed to an agonizing occurrence. The violence that institutions impose upon Black people serves as a perfect example of this notion. In the past few years, the most blatantly apparent example of institutional violence against Black people, police brutality, has been publicly viewed so often that many people have taken a passive stance in the analysis of the traumatizing effects of Black issues.


In the aftermath of a year in which nearly 1,200 Black people were murdered at the hands of police, one would think that conversations and analyses of the various institutional mediums that inflict violent behavior upon Black bodies would become more dynamic. However, the conversations are still limited to eurocentric and androcentric depictions of police brutality without encouraging thorough examinations of the criminal justice system and other institutions that work collectively to marginalize Black people.


The Plan is a short film directed by Lala Openi and produced by Brooke Doaks that features poetic compositions written and performed by author DeMareon Gipson which emphasize intricate assessments of Black issues. It begins by examining the rhetoric that mainstream media portrays about police brutality pertaining solely to Black men, then expands the narrative by embodying a perspective that personifies the institutions that make a cohesive effort to limit the survival probabilities of Black womyn, children, and men in a systemic manner.


There is a reason that there are factories and planes that release harmful chemicals into the environment near inner city Black neighborhoods. There is a reason that liquor stores and fast food restaurants are throughout the inner city, but grocery stores are located in the suburbs. There is a reason that they only tell us about police killing Black males, but won’t tell us about police killing womyn and genderqueer individuals, the unjust treatment that they face in the prison industrial complex, and countless strategic efforts throughout history to the vitality and weaken the womb of the Black womyn. There is a reason for all of these things. All of these things are a part of the plan.