Much love to Oakland, and everyone who came out to join us for Hosted by the Homies and the premier screening of The Discourse. The energy was high, the vibrations were higher, and the food was crackin, to say the least. Babies, mamas, new friends, and cosmic kin came together to eat, watch The Discourse, and carry on the conversation by wracking their brains over the questions on our interactive wallspace: How do you love? How do we break toxic cycles? What is the importance of communication between generations? (to name a few) Most of all we carried on the funk. Everyone left with bomb food in their belly, a smile on their face, love in their heart, and #building on their minds.

Its safe to say we are well on our way to mastering the art of dope family-friendly events where we #turnup in vibration, without inebriation.

#TheDiscourse #VeuxdoChild #VibrationRising


Miss the screening? watch The Discourse in full (FOR FREE!) here:

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Much love to Amir Aziz for the photos, and the Northbound Films Crew for the film magic.♥.

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