So proud of my homieloverfriends, the Malidoma Collective squad for putting together such a beautiful and empowering show!

It was so good to politik with yall on your thoughts about the show. If you missed the opening, be sure to mark your calendars for the rest of the programs we got goin on for the rest of the month!

“It’s not very common to see such a collection of art in one space, especially by womyn of color. It’s just not happening enough to see representation in these spaces, especially in the First Friday area, there’s a different art scene coming up and brewing but there’s still so much talent in our community… I felt like it’s definitely necessary for this to be existing. I look forward to coming back and revisiting it… there definitely needs to be more representation.” —Ladin Awad

#UGODS #WeAreBuilding #VibrationRising #woc #powerpowerpower


For those who missed it, here’s an overview I put together featuring hilights from our month-long residency:

#minidoc by Openi
sounds by Oshun