For fourteen years in a row, the San Francisco Zine Fest has thrown a party – that is, a party for the selling and trading of zines. A Zine (short for “Fanzine” or “Magazine”) is usually a self-published, do-it-yer-self pamphlet/book/comic that is reproduced cheaply. Zines have played a crucial role in a lot of underground subcultures, and the spreading of local news, histories and happenings. My personal collection of zines includes personal memoirs, booklets on DIY herbal remedies, and wild travelogues.

Veuxdo Child connected with some talented Zinesters of Color at this year’s zine fest and we can’t wait to show off their work. Bask in the gloriousness of their words and form.

This is what comic artist Avy Jetter had to say about her zombie zine Nuthing Good Every Happens at 4 a.m.:

I really wanted to talk about the diverse cultures within Oakland [with my zine]… I realized that it was a really cool city with a lot of diverse cultures and races. But everybody intermingles and gets along really really well. And you never hear about that kind of good stuff going on in Oakland. And so I thought it would be really really cool if everybody needed to survive together.

We also caught up with artists Harry Diaz, Cattbutt, and Mia Felder. They got a lotta wizdom to share, so listen up!